Lab Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh

A Rahman Scientific is the best lab equipment supplier in Bangladesh. Finding a reliable lab equipment supplier can be difficult and even more complicated if you’re looking in Bangladesh. A Rahman Scientific is a trusted supplier of high-quality lab equipment, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.

We offer a wide range of products, including Laboratory Chemicals, Glass wear, Porcelain wear, Surgical Instrument, Electronic Balance, Pathological stains, Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials, Textile, Garments, Scientific materials, Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostic, Education & Research Institute, Food & Beverage, Fisheries, Biotechnology, and Civil Lab Engineering products.

Scientific Instrument Supplier in Bangladesh


A Rahman Scientific is the best scientific instrument supplier in Bangladesh.
We offer the latest and most advanced scientific equipment and accessories to Bangladesh researchers, scientists, and laboratories.
Our include scientific Laboratory Testing equipment for schools, Collage, Universities, Food Industries, Textile testing Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Reagent Chemical, Laboratory Testing, and Measurement meters, Laboratory Glassware and Plastic ware, Electronic Scale, Analytical Balance, Digital Weight scale, Spectrophotometer, and more.

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We are not the only Scientific Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh. We also import and resell lab supplies, such as Glassware & Plastic ware, chemicals, equipment, and supplies used in scientific research, applied science, and life science worldwide.

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