ALPK2 Blood Pressure Machine With Stethoscope (BP Set) , China




This manual inflation blood pressure monitor is similar to those used in doctors? offices and hospitals. The kit comes with all you need to start taking your blood pressure at home. It gives you professional accuracy without the need for electronics or batteries. Deluxe standard arm cuff fits arm circumferences of 10 to 14 inches. Includes an aneroid gauge, air release valve and inflation bulb with attached 22-inch stethoscope. Comes with a convenient black zippered storage case and detailed instructions; latex free BP Machine with Stethoscope.
Specification of ALPk2 BP Machine with Doctor Stethoscope
Long Lasting & Durable Manual BP Stethoscope
Standard Soft Cotton Cuff
Non-Stop pin Manometer
Standard latex bulb
Vinyl zipper bag
Air-release valve with spring
Standard end valve
Model: Alpk2, Origin: China




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