Beurer FT 58 Ear Thermometer (Germany)


Beurer FT 58 Ear Thermometer (Germany)

Ideally suited for hygienic and safe measurement, the ear thermometer. It may also be used to measure an object’s temperature.

  •  Hygienic and safe measurement
  •  Interchangeable protective cap (10 included)
  • Object temperature measurement
  •  Infrared measurement
  •  Infrared measurement
  •  38.0 ° C temperature alarm, 37.5 ° C warning tone
  •  Displays measurements in ° C and ° F
  •  Room temperature display
  •  Face icons = all is OK, sad face = ± 38 ° C
  •  Ejection mechanism
  •  10 memory spaces
  •  Auto temperature display
  •  Face icons = all is OK.



Product designation Ear thermometer
Automatic switch-off yes
Low battery indicator yes
Date and time yes
Temperature alarm (display) yes
Medical device yes
Measurement of the surface/object/liquid temperature yes
Measurement of ear temperature yes
Measurement of room temperature yes
Protective cap for ear measurement yes
Protective cap/box for storage yes
Acoustic signal yes
Memory spaces 10
Can be set to °C/°F yes
Product weight approx. 63 g (without batteries)
Product dimensions 155 x 38 x 47 mm
CE yes
Warranty in years (You can find more information about the warranty conditions in the manual.) 3


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