Biohazard Bags


Biohazard Bags

Origin : China

Color : Blue, Red, Yellow



Biohazard bags are used to collect, compile, pack, and dispose the harmful and infectious wastes that are generated by the clinical laboratories, healthcare facilities, and pharmacy industries. The biohazard waste is segregated and put in different types of bags like autoclave, red and yellow biohazard bags.

There are certain waste materials that possess the capacity to harm humans and the environment dangerously. Therefore, the need to contain them becomes a priority for everyone. Such harmful materials are termed as biohazardous wastes that are usually found in clinical laboratories, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical industries, and research facilities. The containers used to seal off biohazardous wastes are known as biohazard bags.

Commonly used Biohazard Bags:

There are different categories of bags used for containing various types of biohazard materials. The significant biohazard bags that are preferred by all the sectors dealing with detrimental waste are mentioned as follows:

  1. Red Biohazard Bags:

These types of bags are commonly used to segregate noxious materials from the uncontaminated ones. The red biohazard bags are used to collect pathological wastes and only those objects that have blood on it. Commonly included contaminants are anatomical wastes and body fluids like semen, tissues, saliva, animal carcasses, and organs. Apart from this, dresses that are soaked in blood, specimen swabs, toxic medical equipment, and infected gloves are also gathered and sealed off in this type of biohazard bag.

Avert putting wastes like alcohols, chemicals, solvents, lead, radioactive wastes, wrappers of food, and pharmaceutical effluents in the red biohazard bags as they aren’t designed to handle such wastes.

  1. Yellow Biohazard Bags:

Such bags are utilized for disposing chemicals, infectious clinical materials, and pharmaceutical medicines. Moreover, dressings, swabs, tissues, aprons, soiled gloves, nappies, and pads are also collected and packed in yellow biohazard bags. Some other uncommon objects such as IV (intravenous) lines, fluid bags, syringes, and metallic parts are also a part of biohazard waste that go into these bags.

Things such as anatomical wastes, placental remains, pathological trash, domestic litter, and non-infectious rubbish are not included in the yellow biohazard bags.

  1. Autoclave Biohazard Bags:

These bags comprises of colours like red, yellow, and transparent that helps in distinguishing the type of waste that goes in each one of them.

The autoclave biohazard bags consist of special features that are enlisted as follows:


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