Bioland E122 Infrared Thermometer White


Bioland E122 Infrared Thermometer White 1Piece



Product Name Infrared Digital Thermometer
Brand Bioland
Model E122
Type Infrared Thermometer
Dual scale  Yes
 Auto off Yes
Beep when ready Yes
Rated output range 35.0 Degree C – 42.0 Degree C
Rated extended output range 32.0 Degree C – 41.9 Degree C; 42.1 Degree C – 42.9 Degree C
Measuring distance 1-5 cm
Measurement accuracy  +/-0.2 degree C (35.0 Degree C – 42.0 Degree C), +/-0.3 degree C (Lower than 35 Degree C or higher than 42.0 Degree C)
Battery AAA x 2Pcs (not included), DC 3V
Size  140mmx40mmx40mm


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