Digital Clamp Meter MT87 Best Quality


1 Piece Digital Clamp Meter MT87


This is a Digital Clamp Multimeter, Model: MT87 with a large LCD display, ideal for accurate measurement of AC, DC and most used in physics, electronics laboratory, and electrical project.AC AMP:20A~400A,OHM:0~200ΚΩ,Power:(R03P) 1.5V×2,Size:150mm×63mm×28mm,Small and compact design, Weight: 145 gm,The three semi-digit LCD display, maximum reading of 1999.6 functions, 7 range.Data hold function and overload protection. Labtex Bangladesh is a supplier and procurement provider of digital clamp meter in Bangladesh.

  • Digital Clamp Meter, Model: MT-87
  • LCD Display
  • DC 600V, AC 450V
  • Current Resistance Tester Multimeter
  • Best Quality & Lowest Price
  • Made in China in Automated Machine


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