MIC Paper Moisture Meter Model-98715 , Taiwan


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Paper Moisture Meter Model -98715, Brand: MIC, Origin: Taiwan
Features of Paper Moisture Meter:
More Features, less cost than any other moisture meter in the market
Not only measure water content but also measure ambient temperature and relative humidity
Strong and hard metal plus measure water content in wood
Non-destructive springs measure water content in the paper
Large LCD display, low battery indicator
Hold function freezes current readings
Paper species group is selectable for accurate measurement
Ultrasonic sealed compact housing
Temperature unit is switchable
Auto power-off function, the non-sleep mode is disabled
Applications for:

Paper cartons, copperplate paper, writing paper, newsprint paper

Measuring range: 2-40% (Paper)
Accuracy: ?1% 0.5 resolution
Ambient Temp.: -10.0-50*C
Accuracy: ? 1?C
Relative RH%: 10.0-90.0% RH
Resolution: 0.1%RH
Accuracy: ?5% RH
Dimension: 147x36x18mm (LXWXH)
Battery Life: Up to 80 hours continuous used
Warranty: 6 Months (From Purchase Date)




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