Professional Monocular Biological Compound Microscope Model : L101, China



Professional Student Monocular Biological Compound Microscope 25X-675X Magnification for Biology Laboratory.
Model Number: XSP-L101
Total magnification:BM-XSP01(25x-500x) BM-XSP02(25x-675x)
Eyepieces: BM-XSP02(5x 10x 15x)
Objectives: 5x 10x 45xs
Eyepiece Tube: Monocular Vertical Tube
Illumination: Concave-Plano Reflector 50mm
Coarse Adjustment Range:27mm
Fine Adjustment Range:1.4mm-1.8mm
Working Stage:110mmx120mm
Optional:Electrical Illumination(110V/20W,220V/20W)
Material: Metal
Made in China, Warranty: 1 Year
How to Calculate Magnification:
EyepieceXObjectives = Total Magnification
If you use 5x Eyepiece & 5x Objective then magnification will be 25x
Again, if you use a 15x eyepiece & 45x objective then magnification will be 675x




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