RAEL Arsenic Test Kit, 100 Tests Per Box


Arsenic Test Kits by Maxim Products 1 Box


RAEL Brand World-Class Arsenic Test Kit 100 Tests Per Box

  • World Class Arsenic Test Kits
  • Easy Usable Kits
  • Low Cost But High Effective Test Kits
  • 100 Test Per Pack
  • Money-Back Guaranty Products
  • Brand: RAEL
  • Made in Bangladesh

This kit consists of –

  1. 100 Analytical Test Strips
  2. Reagent As-1
  3. Reagent As-2
  4. Arsenic Color Chart

Procedure of Testing: Range 0.01-3.0 mg/L (PPM) As

  • Take a 5ml sample of water in a test vessel or tube
  • Add 5 drops reagent As-2
  • Remove the analytical test strip from the container. Let dip the analytical test strip in a vacuum place of the test vessel or tube.
  • Add two (2) place zinc of reagent As-1. Immediately close the reaction vessel with the screw cap, Swart to mix.
  • Allow the stand for 10 minutes, gently swirling two or three times.
  • A yellow to brown color is produced on the test strip, if Arsenic, As 3+/5+ is present
  • The strip can then be compared to color standards to determine arsenic concentration.
  • Easy to use, the test method has a 10 minutes reaction time.
  • Result: Record the result as mg/L (PPM) or PPB As 3+/5+ (0.01ppm=10ppb)