SKY-C Precision Balance

JADEVAR precision balance



  • High resolution in 1/30,000, professional counting balance
  • Battery and adaptor in dual mode to avoid power instability
  • ACAI function ensures more quick and accurate count
  • Zero range setting and filter setting for counting under various condition
  • LCD display with green backlight
  • Upper/lower limit quantity check function
  • Accumulation, Accumulation display and Accumulation clear function.
  • Auto printing within ok range
  • RS-232 as a standard
  • Relay/RTC/U-KEY connector/ Wifi/ Ethernet(Optional)


Model SKY-C-300 SKY-C-600 SKY-C-1500 SKY-C-3000
Capacity (g)    300    600   1500  3000
Division (g) 0.01  0.02/0.01 0.05  0.1
Weighing units kg kd, kg g, g g, lb lb
Display LCD display
Weighing pan (mm) 145*125mm
Dimension (mm) 238*175*75mm
Weight 980g
Power supply DC adaptor(9V/400mA) / Rechargeable battery(6V/1.3Ah)
Certificate CE