Digital Balance

Digital balance price in BangladeshDigital balance price in Bangladesh

Analytical Balance

Enjoy the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility with our Excellence analytical balances. With a vast range of proven innovative technologies and advanced quality assurance functions, you can be sure of fast, reliable and valid results every time you weigh.

Upgrade your balance with powder and liquid dispensing modules and benefit from fully automatic weighing, solution preparation and dilutions. Automatic weighing reduces the minimum weight by up to 30% and enables material savings of up to 70%, giving you an extraordinary fast return on your investment.

Reliable analytical results begin with accurate weighing. Proper sample preparation and careful data handling are crucial.

When there is no room for compromise, when you need great performance and durability, robust and easy-to-use analytical balances from A Rahman Scientific Co. are the perfect choice. Digital balance price in Bangladesh

Our analytical balances have a wide range of readability – from 0.002 mg to 0.1 mg, and capacities from 41 g up to 520 g that cover all of your analytical workflows.

Digital balance price in Bangladesh

Precision lab balance

Precision laboratory balances, also called top loading balances, are a form of scale designed to offer highly accurate results, within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, precision balances provide an accurate, quick, and simple way of determining the weight of items such as particulate matter. Electronic precision balances offer a wide range of weighing capacities, with maximum capacities up to 64 kg. They allow readability in the range of 1 mg (0.001 g) to 1 g, or 0-3 decimal places. High precision laboratory balances can extend this accuracy to 4 decimal places, on the display of the precision balance, 0.0001g (0.1mg) increments are used.

Precision balances produce steady readings in a wider range of environmental conditions than analytical balances which must always be used under strict conditions to ensure accurate readings. Digital balance price in Bangladesh Being less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and air currents, precision balances can serve as the more convenient method of measurement. While a draft shield is not always necessary for the accurate use of a precision balance, when working in a fume hood or under normal conditions with a high-resolution precision balance of 1 mg readability, one should be employed to maintain performance.

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