Horizontal Laminar Airflow BLHZ-101

Horizontal Laminar Airflow BLHZ-101

Biolab Horizontal Laminar Airflow Series 100 is a compact design required for operations in an ultra clean, dust free environment. Ideal for laboratory applications where product protection is required. Contains ultra thin filter including static pressure box without separator. Larger space permits working with laboratory equipments within the workspace.
  • Stainless steel operation table and glass side baffle
  • Ultra-thin filter without separator with small size static pressure box
  • Pre-filter can be disassembled conveniently increasing the life of HEPA filter
  • Wind speed can be adjusted by touch switch


Type Horizontal Laminar Flow
Air Cleanliness Class 100 @≥0.3 µm
Average Air Flow Velocity 0.3 m/s-0.6 m/s
HEPA Filter 1
HEPA Filter Efficiency 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 µm
HEPA Filter Dimension 820×600×50 mm
UV Lamp 20Wx1
Fluorescent Lamp 20Wx1
Illumination ≥320 lux
Caster Yes
Chamber Material Powder Coated Steel Plate; Work table: Stainless Steel 304
Standard Accessory Power Cord
Work Surface Height 600 mm
Internal Size in (WxDxH) 820×480×600 mm
Overall Dimension 900×700×1450 mm
Noise Level ≤62 dB(A)
Weight 110 kg
Power 400 W
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz


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