Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

Stainless steel structure
Hand wheel type / Screw type
Door safety lock system
Digital Display
Automatic exhaust system for cold air and pressure
Over-temperature and over-pressure auto-protection
Alarm function for completion of process and low water level
Self-inflating type seal
Optional: Drying system



SPECIFICATIONS of Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

Model BAVT-101 BAVT-102 BAVT-103 BAVT-104
Capacity 35L 50 L 75 L 100 L
Temperature Range 105~134°C
Sterilization Temperature 134°C
Heat Average ≤±1°C
Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
Maximum Working Pressure 0.23 Mpa
Timer Range 0~60 min
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 480x460x850 mm 520x520x980 mm 560x560x980 mm 590x590x1080 mm
Packing Size 570x550x970 mm 590x590x1110 mm 650x630x1150 mm 680x650x1220 mm
Weight 42 / 56 kg 50 / 68 kg 70 / 90 kg 85 / 105 kg
Power 2500 W 3000 W 4500 W
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz


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