Phenolic Yellowing SDCE

Phenolic Yellowing SDCE


SDCE Phenolic Yellowing

SDC Phenolic Yellowing Control Fabrics 10cm x 3 cm 25 Pcs Per Packet

Independent Testing
Where applicable, to ensure that all results are accurate, unbiased and impartial, testing is carried out in Independent UKAS Accredited Test Laboratories and sampling is conducted using ISO guidelines as a minimum requirement.

Internal Master Standards
Conformity of  Phenolic Yellowing SDCE Control Fabric over time, between and within batches, is vital to give consistent test results and enable accurate comparison of test specimens to performance requirements. SDC Phenolic Yellowing Control Fabric is compared during every test with a Master Standard, this guarantees no drift in performance over time.

Please ensure that the product is retained in its original SDCE packaging, which contains the correct batch details. All product packaging is tested to ensure there are no contaminants or BHT content that could cause fabric yellowing. Pack sizes are measured and approved using UK weights and measures act. Click for More


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