UV lamp for sterilization
Adjustable air speed: 9 levels
Motorized front window, height adjustable
Microprocessor control system, LED display
With memory function in case of power failure
Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
High grade melamine board with acid and alkali resistance function
Chemical resistant phenolic resin



Model BFSD-201 BFSD-202 BFSD-203 BFSD-204
Airflow Velocity 0.3~0.8 m/s
Air Tightness No leakage
Max Opening 520 mm
Length 1000 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm
LED Lamp 8Wx1 12Wx1 16Wx1
UV Lamp Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination
Front Window 5 mm toughened glass; Motorized; Height Adjustable
Exhaust Duct 4 meters PVC exhaust duct, ɸ 300 mm
Pipe Strap 2
Blower Optional Choice Built-in centrifugal blower; Speed adjustable
Work Surface Height 850 mm
Inner Dimension 820×670×730 mm 1020×670×730 mm 1320×670×730 mm 1620×670×730 mm
Overall Dimension 1040×800×2200 mm 1240×800×2200 mm 1540×800×2200 mm 1840×800×2200 mm
Package Size (Main Body) 1190x990x1690 mm 1390x990x1690 mm 1690x990x1690 mm 1990x990x1690 mm
Package Size (Base Cabinet) 1190x990x980 mm 1390x990x980 mm 1690x970x980 mm 1990x990x980 mm
Noise Level ≤60 dB (A)
Weight (Net/Gross) 286 kg 317 kg 350 kg 400 kg
Power 400 W 500 W
Power Supply 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz


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