Tablet Friability Tester

Tablet Friability Tester

Tablet Friability Tester


Pharmatron model FTV-2 is an easy to use two drum, compact friability tester specially designed for use in the quality and production control of normal uncoated tablets in accordance with specifications laid down in European and US Pharmacopia.
  • USP Compliant
  • Ergonomic easy to use design
  • Micro processor control
  • Membrane control panel
  • Built in LCD display
  • Programmable speed 20-90 rpm /- 1rpm
  • Number of revolutions 5-900 in increments of 5
  • Roche style Plexiglas drums
  • In-place filling and emptying of drum
  • IQ/OQ support document s available
  • Service contact available
  • 1 year warranty parts and labor
Dimension: 240 x 300 x 370 MM
13 x 12 x 14 inches
Weight: 14 Kg
31 Lbs.
Power: 120 volt-60Hz


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