Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners


Tank Material  Stainless steel SUS304
Ultrasonic Frequency       40KHz
Timer        1-99 Min adjustable
Heating Temperature      0-80 degree Celsius controlled
Ultrasonic Power     400W
Heating Power         500W
Tank Volume    20L
Power Supply   AC220-240V,50Hz; AC 100 ~ 120V,60Hz
Tank Size  500×300 x 150mm
Unit Size  550x330x360 mm
Lid    Have
Drainage and  cool fan     Have
Basket      For free
Ultrasonic cleaner Note:
Q:0-80°C heating controlled
T: 1-99 minute adjustable
Cover, basket included
QTD series ultrasonic cleaner are widely used in Laboratory, Medical/ Dental, Gem/Jewelry, Optical, Electronics, Automotive, Industry, Pharmaceutical to provide simple, effective results for cleaning objects.
1. During cleaning, the ”ZiZi” noise is normal.
2.There are only ultrasonic cleaner with capacity of 0.6Liters to 27Liters in our store, if you need to buy cleaner with capacity more than 27L, Please feel free to contact with us, thanks.


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